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4 Best Used Cars that People Should Buy (But They Don’t)

You will probably hear more about Ford in the pickup segment while buying used trucks. Experts will plead with you to buy a Toyota RAV4 if you need a compact SUV. Over the years, some makes and models have grown in popularity and today they deservedly dominate their individual segments. But this does not mean that other used cars in those segments are far behind in terms of quality or features. If you can look beyond the popular, explore in the underappreciated area, you might just find a fine used car that meets all your needs and yet, does not cost overwhelmingly high.

In this post, we list 4 such used cars that people do not generally come looking for in Uncle Joe’s but we feel they should. These are excellent alternatives to the popular models and deserve some extra attention. Take note, scan through the options, and find out if any of these vehicles is right for you.

1.Hyundai Sonata

When we suggest Hyundai used cars in the midsize sedan category, many of our visitors are taken aback. What kind of dealer asks a person to consider a Hyundai Sonata in a segment dominated by Toyota Camry and Honda Accord? In all honesty, all three are great used cars and you should keep the Sonata on par. The vehicle has predictable reliability ratings, a modest powertrain, enough cabin space, and impressive safety features. A used Sonata is the most underappreciated car in the market as people cannot look beyond a Camry or Accord.

2.Dodge Durango

There is a reason why many people remain skeptical about buying a Dodge now and it has got to do with reliability. The figures from J.D. Power for the brand are not impressive. But the Durango does little wrong in all other aspects, starting from offering an industry-leading towing capacity of 8,700 pounds and having comfortable three-row seating. You can beat the reliability issue of a used Durango by buying from Uncle Joe’s, a quality auto sales dealership of Spartanburg as we offer 2 years/36,000 miles warranty that keep you covered.

3.Chevrolet Impala

If you wish to buy the best used Chevrolet in Spartanburg that is both feature-packed and reliable, the Impala has to be your car. However, the model has fallen in popularity given the market’s preference for compact SUVs over large sedans. Here lies your opportunity to buy a great car at a bargain price. A lack of popularity, combined with GM’s decision to stop production, has plummeted Impala’s market rate. The EPA of the car is above-average. The space available is massive. A used Impala is truly an all-inclusive car.

4.Honda Ridgeline

As we said before, a few people look beyond a Ford F-150 in the used truck segment. But in the process, they ignore a perfectly good used truck in the form of Honda Ridgeline that delivers decent engine power, handles exceptionally well, and carries a reliability rating better than most of its competitors. When you defy popular opinion and buy a Honda Ridgeline from Uncles Joe’s dealership in Spartanburg, you buy a pickup that not only does the job but keeps you safe as well (best safety scores from IIHS).





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