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Buying a Used Car with Your Tax Refund? Look for These Pointers First

Congratulations on coming to a wise decision! Using your tax refund money to buy a used car. You have probably done your research and found that used cars are currently the best and economical bet over new cars. You also probably know that your tax refund money is enough to cover the down payment of a used car as the vehicles cost almost half of their newer counterparts. But just because you can buy something, does it mean that you will buy any random item in that category? Certainly, not. You will want your used car to outshine your expectations, last you long, and bring home a deal that you cannot find anywhere else.
For that, look out for these pointers while buying a used car in upstate South Carolina.

1. Quality of the car

Used cars come at all prices and naturally, their quality varies. Some dealerships look to design the down payment that matches their cost price and direct you to their cheaper fleet if you are opting to pay a low amount upfront. Be aware of such scams. Pick reputed dealerships where flexible down payment offers allow you to pick only quality cars. The amount of tax refund you are using does not decide the quality of the used car.

2. A flat warranty

The best way to ensure that you are buying the best quality used car is to look for warranties. These go on to show that the dealership only deals with quality cars that warranty providers are willing to back. As an average customer with acceptable knowledge of used cars, getting a comprehensive warranty can give you peace of mind. At Uncle Joe’s, we have a warranty of 2-years/36,000 miles on all our used cars.

3. The make and model

You are sure to have a preference for a particular car. If not, you know that certain cars are more reliable and long-lasting than others. While in the dealership, you will want to shop from among these models. You will not want salespeople to drive you to different models just because they do not have that specific car. Here, picking a dealership with a massive inventory matter. This way, you buy the exact car you want with your tax refund money.

4. Easy financing

The tax refund money may or may not cover a substantial portion of the used car’s price. Either way, you will look to take the rest as credit and expect easy financing at competitive rates. If your credit score is not in the good region, go for one of the top buy here pay here dealerships in South Carolina where the bad credit financing is easy and the loan span does not drag the interest payments. Even if your down payment is settled by the tax refund, the credit score will still decide your loan eligibility anywhere else.


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