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Cadillac is one of the most prestigious names in America. Celebrities own a Cadillac with pride, so do average citizens. That is the range of customers that General Motors has successfully covered with its Cadillac which has now become synonymous to stylish cars with powerful engines. Used Cadillacs, especially, are quite popular. And most dealers struggle to bring in a quality Cadillac into their fleet. But not Uncle Joe’s. We are one of the best car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC, for a reason and we show it with the strength of our Cadillac inventory. We have the Escalade, XT6, CT5, CT4, XT4, CT6, XTS, ATS, and more for you in our lot. Uncle Joe’s is also your car trader in Spartanburg. This means you can buy our buy here pay here used cars by trading in your old cars and get a fair value while buying new used Cadillac cars.

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