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How Do You Know If a Buy Here Pay Here Used Car is Reliable?

Every used car buyer wants to buy a reliable car. After all, it is the only way to ensure before buying that the used vehicle will see minimum repairs and its associated cost. The obsession over reliability has made some models way more popular than others in the used car market and almost all buyers visit buy here pay here dealerships with J.D. Power’s reliability scores in hand. But is that the right way to tell a vehicle’s reliability? If not, how can you really know whether the vehicle you are buying is truly reliable? This post answers these questions and gives you a clearer picture of used car reliability.

J.D. Power scores can be a good guide

Yes, a guide, not a definite conclusion. J. D. Power brings out two types of reliability scores. One is called the Initial Quality Study that measures repair frequencies within 90 days of buying a car. And the second is known as the Long-Term Dependability Study that evaluates a model over a span of 3 years. The idea behind these scores is that if a specific model has seen damages during these spans, it is unlikely to improve over its lifetime, and hence, the car is unreliable. On the other hand, if a model maintains a clean sheet, it is reliable.

As evident, the reliability tests are carried out on new cars, and then an estimated figure is presented. In no way anyone can say for certain that a reliable car, as termed by J.D. Power, will not see frequent repairs in its fourth year. Overall, these measures give used car buyers a direction to predict reliability. But if you buy solely based on these scores, you might start ignoring perfectly good used cars.

Combine reliability with maintenance history

Poorly maintained used cars for sale in Moore are more likely to see frequent repairs. These generally come at outrageously cheap prices as most of its parts are already failing. If not maintained well, even the most reliable model as per J.D. Power is bound to break all reliability expectations and stay more in the auto shop than your garage. Most replacements are required in a car just beyond that 3-year mark. If the oil is not replaced in the tank or the vehicle is driven on old tires, the entire powertrain is bound to break down in a matter of few years.

So, the best way to know if the vehicle that you are buying is reliable or not is to combine the J.D. Power scores with the car’s maintenance history. If the predicted score is high and the vehicle is well-maintained, the chances of seeing frequent repairs drastically reduce. Only quality used cars for sale in Moore can maintain their reliability ratings.

You can find such quality used cars in Uncle Joe’s buy here pay here dealership in Moore, SC. We absorb used cars into our lot after expert evaluation and pass them through professional reconditioning. As an extra layer of assurance, we offer you a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty that serves as the backing of our fleet’s quality. When you buy from Uncle Joe’s Cars and Trucks, you need not worry about reliability or repair costs. Every vehicle’s quality is impeccable.


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