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The Best Way to Utilize the Second Round of Stimulus Money

American citizens have already started receiving a second stimulus check from the US Treasury under the CARES Act where the US government is handing out $600 to all affected by the economic disruption of COVID-19. If you still have not received yours, be sure that the check is on its way, provided you are eligible. Now, the big question is not when you will receive the second stimulus money because you will surely get it. The big question is how can you utilize the money in the best possible way so that you can reap maximum benefits from the $600. The answer, actually, is quite simple.

Use the second stimulus money as a used car’s down payment

Obviously, you will want something with the $600 that will help you immediately, keep providing returns in the long run, and enable you to take advantage of the improving economy. And what better way to achieve all these than to buy a quality used car. Think about it. You can solve your family’s immediate problems with a personal car like getting the chores done faster, commute to your work safely without worrying about the pandemic, have more family time by cutting down on travel time, and more.

Next, you can use the car to travel further to find a better job. Or, you can give extra hours to your current job without worrying about commute hassles. Lastly, you can start a side gig with all the time you save with your own car and add an extra source of income to your family. And on top of all these, you can get financial benefits from the car as well. If at any point in the future you do need safe credit, you can always take loans against your car and the credit score system will seldom matter.

Is it possible to buy a car with just $600 down?

At Uncle Joe’s used cars and trucks dealership, it is indeed possible. Uncle Joe’s functions under the brand of Family Auto. This means we have access to Family Auto’s massive inventory where used cars and trucks are available at all price brackets. You can avail our flexible financing policy and our trade-in offers and customize the down payment to stand at exactly $600. Uncle Joe’s will also help you with auto loans. We are entirely buy here pay here, which means that your bad credit score will not matter at our dealership and you can get easy approval.

Additionally, every used car and truck that you will see at Uncle Joe’s pass through a strict quality inspection. And to keep our word, we provide you with a flat 2-years/36,000 miles warranty. The used car you buy with the second stimulus money is sure to serve you long and you can reap all the benefits mentioned above.

Utilize the stimulus money in the best way

And bring home a used car that you really need. Hardly any other commodity can help you to get your life back on track than a used car and naturally it is the best way to use the second stimulus money.


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