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The Biggest Buy Here Pay Here Car Shopping Mistake You Need to Avoid

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What do you look for while searching online for the best buy here pay here dealerships near me in Spartanburg? Do you look into the availability of used cars? Or, do you check out the financing deals? Most buy here pay here car shoppers pay little attention to the quality of used cars available but concern themselves more about the structure of auto financing. Almost every dealership will offer no credit check auto loans for this is the business model, after all, but people often look for those dealers who offer the least monthly credit premiums, and this thought process is the biggest BHPH car shopping mistake. Low monthly premiums with a bad credit score only form an illusion of a great deal.

How so?

You are looking for buy here pay here cars in Spartanburg because of your bad credit score. In these dealerships, you can apply for an auto loan without the involved fuss of creditworthiness. Now, such dealerships offset the involved credit or default risk by charging you a higher interest rate than banks, which is as per the market rule. In other words, you pay an extra amount in interest payments to compensate the dealer for accepting your credit risk.

This added interest amount is ultimately included in the net loan amount. And the payment has to come from you. To beat the market competition, a buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg can often reduce the net monthly premium payments to make the deal look attractive. Keep in mind that this is done by extending your credit span, not by reducing the interest rate payable or the amount of auto loan. In fact, when the credit span is extended, it further increases the interest rate and you end up paying more than what you are supposed to.

Overall, low monthly credit payments are not equal to cheaper loans. And most shoppers looking for buy here pay here cars in Spartanburg make this classic mistake by getting swayed by the comparatively lower figures. The only way to reduce your loan burden is to either pay a high down payment or buying an affordable used car. Reducing your monthly payments by drawing out your credit span only increases the loan expenses.

See the deal for what it is

Bad credit financing is ultimately a source of income for a buy here pay here dealership. And if it can increase the interest payment anyhow, the dealership will only drive home more profits. This is why offering credit for a long span and with low monthly premiums is so common. Customers prefer such deals as well because it creates an illusion of monthly savings.

Stick to reputed buy here pay here dealerships like Family Auto where better deals are on offer that does not take advantage of you. You get to keep your interest rate payable in check with our 3-year bad credit auto loans combined with flexible financing and trade-in offers. Plus, you get a flat 2 years/36,000 miles on any used car that you buy from Family Auto. We are all about solid deals that benefit you without any sign of hidden deception.






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