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Why the Tax Season is the Best Time to Buy Used Cars?

Opportunities lurk in the most unexpected of corners and there are obviously a few in store for you in the upcoming tax season as well. If you are currently contemplating adding a used car in your garage, there might not be a better time than when you are supposed to pay your taxes. You can not only reap monetary benefits but also get an increased number of choices in cars and reduce your hassle of filing taxes, all by just one visit to one of the best buy here pay here car lots of your locality. So, here is how you stand to benefit by timing your purchase right. Pay your taxes, and buy a used car as well.

Reason 1: Many dealerships accept your tax refund as the down payment

This is the most convincing reason of the lot. If you are eligible to receive a tax refund from the government, you can use that amount in your down payment and finance the rest with credit. Dealerships like the Family Auto have the Tax Max program where you can carry your W2, file the tax with the dealer, allow them to take the refund, while you use the equivalent amount right now to buy your car. With the $500 down payment offer added, you might not have to make any payments at the moment. The refund will be enough.

Reason 2: People tend to refrain from buying cars

It is, after all, the tax season. And everyone will have to pay taxes. Naturally, when a part of their financial resource is getting spent, consumers refrain from making any additional expenses during this period. The sales at the dealerships dry up a bit, their inventory becomes full, and thus, prices of the car drop due to increased supply. You can literally buy your car at a discount as compared to other seasons and bring home a vehicle at a reduced rate.


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