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5 Convincing Reasons to Buy Used Cars

There was indeed a time when the US car buyers only used to flock to the new vehicle’s dealership. But as the market flourished and cars started to become more reliable, used vehicles started to make more sense. Any car expert can give you innumerable reasons as to why used cars Spartanburg are far better options than their newer counterparts, but here the 5 convincing ones which can help to solidify your decision and clear all clouds of doubt. Put on your thinking hats and read on to find out why you need to buy a used car in the 21st century.

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1. You buy the car cheap

It is no news that new cars depreciate at an alarming rate. As soon as you drive the car out of the dealership, you lose almost 11% of what you just paid. Drive it for a year and it goes down by 32% and after 3 years, the car will fetch you only 50% of the initial price. Now consider that you buy the car after 3 years. You are literally paying half of what you would have paid for the new car.

2. Your registration will also cost less

All the taxes, registration fees, and insurance payments are centered around the net purchasing price of the car. When you are paying 50% less here, all your auxiliary costs also come down. Thus, you can buy a car and pay the associated fees by staying well within your decided budget. This is only possible when you buy used cars Spartanburg SC.

3. They come with financial assistance

The used car market is the only area where you have numerous possibilities of financial assistance that are outside the scope of the traditional banks. Take the top buy here pay here trucks and car dealership for instance. You can apply for an auto loan despite what your credit score shows and drive home the car you want without any financial worries.

4. You get a variety

Owning to the low cost, the used cars Spartanburg market opens up a wealth of varieties to you. In a top dealership with a large inventory, you can actually go for an upgrade with the budget you have in mind. Select an SUV at the cost of a hatchback. Get seat warmers and sunroof for a heavenly driving experience. Anything you want, all within your budget.

5. Used cars last just as long
Our previous generation preferred new cars due to the longevity they got by buying new. But modern cars are just as reliable and are known to run well over a decade. Thus, even when you buy a used car, be sure that your car will serve you as long as a new one. For a discounted price, you are typically getting the same deal.


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