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What is an Ignition Coil and Why Is It Important?

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Posted by Uncle Joes Cars and Trucks on Friday, August 21, 2020

How do you start your car? Just turn the key or press a switch. That’s it, right? The engine automatically comes to life and pressing the gas pedal propels the vehicle forward. Turning the engine off and restarting is that easy. Until your car backfires. Or the engine hard starts. Or weird noises are coming out from under the hood or your car starts drinking fuel like a demon. Driving around isn’t that pleasant then and you know something is wrong. Eight out of ten times, it might be the ignition coil that needs fixing or total replacement.

What is an ignition coil?

Gasoline requires a spark to combust inside the engine cylinders after being compressed by the pistons. That causes a small explosion that sends the pistons hurtling down and paves the way for another compression movement. This rotates the crankshaft which, in turn, rotates the wheels. As evident, the gasoline needs combustion in every cycle. And this combustion is caused by ignition coils or spark plugs.

This is the reason why the top buy here pay here in Spartanburg checks the ignition coil first during the trade-ins. Without it, the engine will not run. The whole system consists of a battery switch, a transformer, the ignition coil, and a spark plug. Low voltage from the car’s battery is converted to high voltage that generates enough power to cause a spark. The fuel combusts and the car runs.

Why is it important?

If you drive with a faulty ignition coil, the fuel will not combust properly in the chambers. This will lead to the following.

Loss of gasoline through the exhaust, which leads to your car backfiring.
Oil deposits on the engine attracting dust and cause sludge formation.
Overall degradation of the engine’s health.
Improper power supply harming other parts of your car like suspension, tires, and more.

Repair costs will then amount to a few thousand dollars. Hence, keep a tab on your ignition coil always and buy from the top auto dealership in Spartanburg to ensure that you get your car in top shape during purchase only.

How to protect your ignition coil?

Do the following right after purchasing used cars in Spartanburg, SC.

Read the owner’s manual to note down the maintenance schedules.
Talk with your dealer to get a history of when the coil was replaced last.
Get an expert opinion on the slightest malfunction concerning your engine.
Invest in a top brand when the time comes to replace the plug.

Beyond that, buy right. Visit the top buy here pay here in Duncan, SC where the dealer promises quality. You can rarely do anything about the ignition coil if it already comes damaged. But you can avoid the whole scenario by placing your trust with the right dealers. Ask about the ignition coil, do your research, and settle for nothing but quality.


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