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5 Simple Rules to Buy a Cheap Used Cas

Used cars already come with an economical price tag as compared to their newer peers. And if you know how to play it smart, you can save a few bucks on top of that. The ploy is simple. You apply a few tips and tricks to get what you want but at a price, much lower than what you would have paid had you not used those tricks. Here are5 simple rules for you to buy a cheap used car, without compromising on either the car’s quality or your desired specifications.

1.Settle for an older model

Car manufacturers do not roll out a major overhaul every year. So, you can expect the specifications of a 2010 Silverado to be nearly the same as the 2011 Silverado. The best car lots in Spartanburg SC will have both the options for you but you should consider settling for the 2010 model if you are looking to save. Older makes are cheap for obvious reasons.

2. Pay as much as you can upfront

The best buy here pay here Greer SC dealership will offer you the option for a flexible down payment, unlike the small-time players who keep the amount fixed. If possible, pay as much as you can in down payment to reduce your credit amount and save on interest. This will naturally bring down your entire cost and enable you to buy cheap.

3. Look out for deals

Used car sellers also offer you deals and discounts on special occasions. Look out for these. Time your buy during the holidays of end-of-quarter when the dealerships look to clear their lots and offer you a variety of deals. The best buy here pay here SC dealerships will take care of your financial requirements at the moment so that you can avail the offer without delay.

4. Be flexible with the manufacturer

It is no secret that a few brands sell like hotcakes while others tend to lag behind a bit. As popularity has the tendency to push up the price, try to be flexible on the manufacturer angle while you are visiting the car lots in Spartanburg SC. If you are looking for a truck, Ford can cost you a bit more than Nissan. When the specifications are the same, it is better to settle for the less popular brand.

5. Choose the right dealer

The term cheap does not always mean a low-price tag. It also translates into value for money. If you are paying a specific amount and getting more than just a car in return, that also qualifies for an economical buy. The best buy here pay here SC dealership gives you warranties and more during your purchase so be precise during your selection.


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