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Do You Really Need a Used Pickup Truck in a City?

Another controversial question! While Americans love to own pickup trucks, many doubt their utility factor for a city dweller. The field is divided. There are many opinions. The average buyer is still confused about the need for a pickup truck in a city. To put all debates to rest, we asked the question to actual buyers who came to our dealership, Uncle Joe’s, looking for used trucks for sale in Spartanburg, SC. Although the opinion was divided here as well, you may resonate with one of these perspectives and decide accordingly as to whether you need a truck living in a city or not.

“No vehicle can give you as much space as a pickup truck” – Leroy Williams

“I buy my groceries in bulk and chuck them on the bed. I need to go camping with the family, I load the gear on the bed again. Which other vehicle can give me this much space other than a pickup truck?”. Leroy was clear about his needs when he came to our dealership with buy here pay here in Boiling Springs, SC. He had done his research, carefully aligned his requirements with the specs available, and decided that a pickup is the best option for him. In Leroy’s opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or the suburbs. The utility of pickups does not fade based on locations.

“Well, pickup trucks are cheaper than SUVs of the same size” – Margaret Barrera

And Margaret is right. Most GMC and Chevrolet trucks share similar platforms with the SUVs but the latter come into the market with a higher price tag. Obviously, you get more seating with an SUV, more luxury specs, and more comfort and all these cumulatively spike the cost of the vehicles. Trucks are not meant for seating people. It is all about hauling load and providing space. Margaret has a small family and naturally, a truck was her pick from our auto sales in Spartanburg, SC. “I need utility from my vehicle. I need the space. Third-row seating is useless for me and thus a pickup truck is my obvious choice.”, said Margaret.

“It is very difficult to drive a pickup in the city” – James Browne

James had come to Uncle Joe’s to trade his pickup truck for an SUV. He told us about the other side of the story. “The toughest part about owning a pickup truck in a city is to find parking. Unless you are parking in a dedicated lot, you cannot just fit a vehicle of this size anywhere. Plus, pickup trucks inherently have rigid handling. With so much traffic, you kind of lose the patience of driving a pickup on the streets.” James took home a subcompact SUV which he felt was enough for his family. He agreed that the pickup he owned had its benefits but the vehicle is just not meant for the city.


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