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How to Make the Most Out of Dealership Referrals?

Referral offers of top used car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC, are like profit-sharing programs. For every potential customer you send to the dealers, they pay a certain part of the income they make as a token of gratitude. For instance, dealers like the Family Auto deposit $125 in your account with them for the first four referrals, $150 for the next 5 and $250 for 10+ referrals, which you can cash in when you go to buy a car. And if you send 12 referrals in 12 months and all of them buy a car, you get the title of your car even when you finance the vehicle with them. On the surface, these might seem like any other referral deal, but if you know how to make the most out of it, the cumulative benefits will be more than exciting.

$125 to $250 is a lot in used car terms

Used cars do not cost as much as new cars and the more dollars you can add, the price will only come down by that much. Say you have sent the dealer 10 referrals. That means you have $1,500 in total in your account. And this $1,500 can fetch you a better model or a better brand owing to the low net price of used vehicles. In other words, you can get yourself a sedan instead of a hatchback. Or a Toyota instead of a Subaru.

Add it to your down payment

Increasing your down payment by any amount will help you in the long run. You can bring down your interest payments, thus your monthly APRs, and all that with the money you earned extra, not by working hard. Adding a $1,500 to your net down payment will also ease your loan approval. The dependency on your credit history will reduce and you can apply for a higher amount due to the increased payments.

Or, pay nothing at all to buy the car

The top buy here pay here car lots in Spartanburg have the $500 down offer that you can use with your referral deal. It means that you can buy your used car with only $500 as down payment and take the rest as credit from the dealership. As evident, you can have that amount in your referral account with just 4 referrals and do not have to pay any cash upfront. You can simply walk-in, pick your car, and drive back home.

So, pick the right buy here pay here in Greenville with the right offers. Make smart use of the referral money and buy your car with benefits. Send your family and friends to the dealers and earn by literally doing nothing else.


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