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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Buying Reliable Used Trucks in Spartanburg

The reliability ratings given out by brands like JD Power says a lot about cars and trucks. After all, the process of coming to a number for a particular make or model is intricate and involves a lot of field data. Especially in the used car market, reliability scores dictate demand. Used trucks that carry the highest reliability numbers tend to break down less frequently and people naturally want to invest in these vehicles as no one likes extra repair expenses after having just bought a used truck. But you cannot just expect to walk into a dealership and pick one of the most reliable used trucks in Spartanburg, SC. There are things that experts don’t talk about and things used truck shoppers don’t know.Here are 4 of them.

1.Reliability is just a guide

What you see is ultimately an average. Just because a large number of Ford F-150 owners did not face glitches for a few years does not mean that your luck will be the same. Swayed by the high scores of Ford F-150, many buyers in Spartanburg bought the model with their eyes closed and incurred repair expenses. It is all about luck.So, make sure to use reliability only as a guide while considering your options.

2.High-scores dry up supplies

Between a Ford F-150 and a Nissan Titan, you will obviously pick the F-150 given its comparatively higher reliability score. And if you had the sense to buy the F-150, be sure others will follow as well. Thus, in random dealerships selling used cars in Woodruff, you will find a flurry of Titans and not a single F-150. And if you step into their sales pitch, you will go home with the Titan and not the F-150. Be sure to pick a top dealer where the inventory is large.

3.Highest reliability is often not the best bet

Now, say you picked a dealer with a large inventory of used cars in Roebuck. Here, you do get the Ford F-150 that you were looking for. But recently, the RAM 1500 is outperforming America’s best-selling truck and even with its comparatively lower score, this can serve you better than the F-150. The Silverado 1500 and Tacoma are also great alternatives. Their overall features make reliability insignificant on a balanced scale.

4.Reliability is as good as the used truck’s quality

You know that the Ford F-150 is reliable. You might also be lucky and end up incurring no repair expenses at all in the coming few years. But where luck does not work to help your expectations is the quality of the used truck that you buying. Reliability will only be as good as the parts used inside the truck to recondition the same, the maintenance schedule it saw, and the history it faced. Again, buy reliable used trucks in Spartanburg, SC only from the top dealerships. This is the only way to assure quality.


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