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How are Conventional Used Cars in Moore Better Than CPO cars?

Just like the rest of the country, you can buy used cars in Moore from a variety of sources. You can hunt down an individual seller and buy his/her current car. You can also visit brand-certified dealerships to purchase a CPO used car. And there is always the option of conventional used car dealers in Moore who offer a slightly different deal than individual sellers or CPOs but the offers present here trump all the other options. Here’s how convention used cars are winning the race as compared to CPOs.

CPOs are expensive. Conventional cars are affordable.

Pre-Owned vehicles in Spartanburg are generally low mileage and only a few years old. They also carry the manufacturer’s provided warranties which drive up their price. The average price of new cars in Spartanburg, South Carolina is around $36,000. On that scale, a CPO will cost you somewhere around $28,000. Conventional used cars with the top dealership in Moore carry an average price tag of only $20,000 which clearly shows how the latter is better from the price angle.

You can rarely buy CPOs with a bad credit score

Auto financing in certified dealerships generally come from conventional financial houses. You will either have to approach the bank or a credit union to get an approved auto loan which, in turn, requires a good credit score. With subprime or bad credit score, however, you cannot qualify for loans in these institutions and thus, the CPO you want will remain out of your reach. A few traditional dealerships, on the other hand, have bad credit cars for sale. They are buy here pay here dealers who approve loan applications of bad credit score holders and assist with financing within the dealerships themselves.

With CPOs, your options are always limited

Traditional used vehicles for sale in Moore, SC include cars of all makes and models. You can find a Toyota, Honda, Ford, GMC, Kia, Subaru, Fiat, Mercedes, and more. But with CPOs, your options are limited to the brand-certified dealership that you visit. That is, if you want to buy a CPO Ford F-150 truck, you will have to walk into a Ford-certified dealership. You cannot compare the pickup you are buying with a Silverado or RAM 1500. Neither can you go cheaper and consider the Tacoma or the Titan. Limited options reduce the value that you can derive from your investment and thus, conventional used car lots in Moore are the better places to shop for your next used car than CPOs.


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