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CPO vs. Standard Used Car Warranties in Spartanburg – Decoding the Deals

Pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg are almost always lauded above standard or uncertified used cars on grounds of warranties. You see some huge numbers on CPOs and they come directly from the manufacturer. Naturally, people vest more trust on CPO warranties as the deal always seems good from the surface. But standard used cars deserve a look, especially when they are priced well below the figure that CPOs carry for the same model and, at times, have similar warranty deals as the CPOs.

So, let’s have a comparison here between CPOs and standard used cars in Moore only related to warranties. We can then bring in the price factor and declare a winner.

CPO warranties are often put on the car’s entire lifespan

For instance, you may see a powertrain warranty of 84 months or 100,000 miles on CPO cars. That is indeed a big figure. But what you miss out is the fine print that says that the warranty begins from the original in-service date. In other words, you get the number of months or miles left on the car and not what you see. Thus, if you are buying a CPO that has already seen 2 years on the road, the warranty deal that you will get is 60 months/70,000 miles.

So, what? That is still a big number, isn’t it? There is more to this story.

CPO powertrain warranties are often not transferrable

Hyundai and Kia give the best powertrain warranties in the industry – 10 years/100,000 miles. But the warranty is only applied to the original owner. Once the car changes hands as a CPO, the powertrain warranty becomes null and void and you are only left with the transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty. In all, you typically get a CPO warranty of 24 months/36,000 miles. And the fact that it is backed by the manufacturer works to raise the price of the car.

Standard cars have the same deal but at a lower price

Take Uncle Joe’s in Spartanburg, for example, functioning under the umbrella of Family Auto. Here, you get flat warranties of 2 years/36,000 miles, which is similar to the deal on pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg. But where Uncle Joe’s cars win over CPOs is the price as the average cost of used cars is around $20,000 whereas CPOs sell anywhere between $28,000 to $32,000 for the same model.

When the warranty deal is exactly the same, why pay almost $10,000 more? When the cars are of similar quality, why draw an extra loan? Make a smart choice. Buy standard used cars. CPOs are not worth it once you look past the façade.


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