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Best Used Cars That You Can Buy with a Low Down Payment

The rule of thumb says that you should pay 10% of your used car’s price as a down payment to keep a manageable APR. However, that advice does not always work as everyone’s initial budget is usually not the same. Fortunately, the used car market has vehicles of all price ranges. And if you pick a car with a low price tag, you can pay a low down payment without disrupting the thumb rule suggestion. So,search for the best buy here pay here near me with $500 down offers and select one of the following high-quality used cars that usually cost less than $12,000. Drive home with a car at a steal-away rate and never go out of your budget.

1. 2008 Toyota Camry

No matter how old, you can buy a Camry with your eyes closed. The model is known to run on the road for 15 odd years without giving its owners much trouble. And the engine works like a wonder, thanks to Toyota’s impeccable engineering, that holds on to the rated fuel efficiency for years. For usually under $12,000, you will get all the basic features. The crown jewel will always be the car’s reliability.

2. 2013 Ford Focus

If you want the latest used vehicle, then Ford Focus is your car. But be sure to search for the best low down payment car dealerships near me as Focus-s do not hang around with ordinary dealers. Buyers flock to this car for its affordability and this is one of those hatchbacks that give you ample cargo space. And being more recent, it packs a decent number of safety techs as well.

3. 2005 BMW 5-Series Wagon

Well, you will have to go older to get a bigger car cheap but the BMW 5-series Wagon will not disappoint, provided you find the right vehicle. Pick a dealer that sells high quality used cars and hands out flat warranties as you will need both those boxes ticked while buying a car this old. Once those are covered, the Wagon will impress you with its 4.4-liter V8 engine that can haul almost anything that you throw at it.

4. 2010 Subaru Outback

Although the 2010 Outback will not cost you much, avoid buying from buy here pay here with no down payment as the associated interest rates will inflate the price way beyond your budget. Instead, pay $500, plan with your selected dealer, and buy the Outback for all the right reasons. You have an SUV here that is reliable and powerful and gives enough cargo room to fit all your monthly groceries.


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