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Rental Pickup Trucks: Should You Buy or Ignore?

From mid-size Tundra to full-size Silverado, from heavy-duty F-250 to king-cab Frontier, the rental wing of used pickup trucks hold varied options to fit the need of almost all customers. And they do make a decent case. Such pickups come out of the rental services like Hertz and Avis fairly new, carry a low mileage as compared to their other used pickups and often, carry manufacturer’s warranty owing to their low time on the road. Yet, these factors are not enough to convince car buyers who generally look away from rental trucks while shopping for pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg, SC. As evident, even with all the pros, rental pickups carry baggage. And that creates the apprehensions.

There is no question of quality

Almost all car rental services maintain a high servicing standard among their fleet as their business model surrounds the idea of providing new and quality vehicles to their customers. When they hit bad credit dealerships in Spartanburg, they are typically 10-18 months old with around 25,000-40,000 miles on the odometer. Plus, they carry a clean servicing history. Most rental pickups receive good care. Still in manufacturer warranty, you just cannot ignore them completely.

The room for apprehension

40,000 miles on a 1.5-year-old pickup is quite a lot on the vehicle. All rental cars stay on the road during their entire stint with the agency and naturally undergo a considerable amount of wear and tear as a result. Plus, the manufacturer warranty that gets transferred from owner to owner is merely the bumper-to-bumper and power train is held back. Rental pickups, thus, carry the risk of high repair costs unless you buy from dealerships selling bad credit used cars with flat warranties.

Additionally, most rental companies have their own insurance policies. Hence, there is always a chance of a few accidents not showing up on the record. Rental companies are also known to charge a tad higher than private sellers and used car dealerships. When compared to bad credit cars for sale, you may see a rental pickup selling higher by almost $2,000 in the agency’s lot.

Buy or ignore?

Take the best way out. Visit the top bad credit dealerships in Spartanburg and look for rental pickups if you are alright with the high mileage. These dealerships will add their own warranties. And you can be extra sure of the quality as their expert mechanics work on the glitches that might have been left behind by the unreported accidents. Any day, privately owned used pickups are always better. But rentals do not deserve total neglect.


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