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4 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Used Ford F-250

Talk to a Ford loyalist and they will sing songs about the Ford F-series. But just because popular opinion places Ford pickup trucks right at the helm, you should not buy with your eyes closed. Before you consider even test driving a used Ford F-250 in a buy here pay here dealership, you need to know a few things about the vehicle. They will not only help you to make a better decision but also pick the right model, eliminate alternatives, and get the right trim. So, here are 4 things you need to know about the Ford F-250. Keep them in mind while buying.

1. The Ford F-250 is a Super Duty truck

That means that it can tow and haul better than the Ford F-150. While buying used cars in Moore,people often stay confused among Ford F-150, 250, and 350. Many rarely see any difference whereas others go by the old convention and think that the F-150 cannot haul a payload of more than 1,000 pounds. Modern used trucks can carry way more. If you are thinking of buying an F-250, your towing and payload needs must be higher than what the F-150 has to offer.

2. The suspension is stiffer in the F-250

Built as a Super Duty pick truck with a totally new platform, the suspension on the F-250 has to be more rugged than its sibling F-150. If you like a comfortable ride with an excellent drive feel, the F-250 cannot give it to you. Over the years, many users have reported that the F-250’s suspension often feels borderline harsh but they did not buy the vehicle for comfort as well. Among all the used cars and trucks, the F-250 sells for its engine performance and a few can compete with the model on those grounds.

3. The 2011 Ford F-250 can be your best bet

Ford got almost everything right when it discarded its second-generation F-250 after 2010 and brought out a remodeled 2011 F-250. The available V8 engines could produce an engine power of up to 385 HP which shot up to stand at 440 HP in the diesel versions. The payload capacity was the best in the industry and the truck packed more technology than its previous generations. Visit a reputed dealership with quality buy here pay here cars in Moore and request for the 2011 model. You will not regret your purchase.

4. The Ford F-250 is better than its competitors

Yes, the Ford loyalists were right. The Ford F-250 is still one of the best used trucks in Spartanburg, SC in the Super Duty range. The model’s next best competition, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, cannot better the F-250 in terms of engine performance. And although Ram 2500 caught up on many aspects, Ford remained at the top due to its better reliability and longevity. From almost every angle, a used Ford F-250 is a superior pickup truck.


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