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Financing Used Trucks with Bad Credit: What Are Your Options?

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The average price of a new pickup truck in 2019 touched a figure well over $49,500. In the used vehicles market as well, the average cost was well over $26,000-30,000 depending on the age and features of the truck. Obviously, trucks are costly, both new and used, and financing them becomes that much harder when you have a bad credit score. If you need a used truck now, you only have a few financing options that do not require you to wait till your credit score improves. Explore the available deals and decide accordingly.

Banks but with a cosigner

You can have used trucks and used cars with bad credit bad credit no credit cars by financing them from traditional banks. But no bank will give you an auto loan unless you can produce a co-signer with a good credit score. The deal is that the bank will hold the cosigner responsible if you default on your auto loan. It will get its money back from the cosigner, souring your relationship with the person who had initially helped you. Additionally, a cosigner is no guarantee that you will have a pre-approved auto loan from a bank. Based on your and the cosigner’s credit reports, the bank can cancel your loan request.

Private lenders but with high interest

You may also get bad credit no credit cars and trucks by financing with the help of private lenders. But they generally charge overwhelming interest rates, often much higher than the market standards. Shady lenders will like to keep things off the books. Legit lenders will charge you in the top interest rate brackets no matter what your credit score has to say. And as you are buying a used truck, the amount of loan needed will be high, thus inflating the interest payments.

A buy here pay here in Spartanburg

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to finance a used truck now is through no credit check dealerships. They are also independent finance houses along with being used truck sellers who cater to customers with bad credit scores and do not require extra assurances like cosigners to approve auto loans. Plus, in dealerships like Uncle Joe’s functioning under Family Auto, you can trade-in your old vehicle and use the dollar value in the down payment of the next. And the interest rate will be as per the market standards as the business carries accreditation from the right authorities. Based on your credit report and the down payment, you get to finance your own truck. Pay back what you ought to and enjoy the ownership of your new used truck.


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