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Used Car Lots with No Money Down: What’s the Secret Behind Such Deals?

At a time when banks ask you to pay massive down payments to approve an auto loan and other lenders laugh at the thought of zero down payments, how come used cars lots with no money down give such an offer? Your skepticism is natural. You are right to ask – what’s the secret that they are not sharing? But if you delve a bit deep and logically analyze the market, the no money down offer will not seem as surprising as it is feeling now. Used car lots are amplifying their financing offers to stay competitive and generate business during tough times.

There are more used cars in the market than ever

Due to the aggressive marketing by car manufacturers and the consumer trend of owning the latest technology, Americans have started updating their vehicles every 5 years. That means new used cars are entering the market at overwhelming rates and dealerships are under pressure to clear their lots. To match demand with supply, used car lots that finance are placing a host of attractive deals on the table and one such offer is no money down auto loans. It is simply a way to get more customers to the dealerships and motivate them to buy a car so that the business can keep pace with the market movements.

Auto financing is a major source of income for dealerships

For most dealerships, just selling used cars does not generate enough profits to sustain the whole business. Helping customers finance, thus, presents an alternative source of income to no credit check dealerships. The earnings come from the interest rate you pay on the auto loan and the interest rate, in turn, is calculated on the amount of loan you take from the dealership. Zero down payment means a high loan amount, which ultimately transforms into greater revenue for the dealer. You benefit from the low initial cost of buying a used car and the dealership benefits from the increased revenue. A simple win-win situation for all.

But try your best to pay some down payment

For it will help you to reduce your overall payment for buy here pay here cars in Spartanburg. Zero down options are enticing but they increase your interest rate payable. Paying some amount upfront reduces your risk quotient and brings down the interest rate. And your used car buying budget remains in check without disrupting your finances. Now, you know why dealerships are offering no money down auto loans. Make an informed decision and plan accordingly.


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